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My experience with Adult Video Link has been a pleasurable and very entertaining so far. Just got registered last week and have already downloaded three times my favorite black movies. Good prices and a smart idea for viewing adult movies without renting. - Name withheld.
You guys have a great site and very helpful for us that don't know much about VOD. I found Adultvideolink .com to be an easy site to deal with and very affordable streaming rates too. Although I have a slow internet connection, I was still satisfied with movie graphics.  - Jimmy, Somewhere on Earth
I liked the BondageVideoLink site. Me and my brother are "bondage" freaks so we look all over the net for these type of  videos. This site has 'em all!! - Mr. Bondage
First thanks for a very informative site. I was confused a little about the ppv and ppm titles. is a good site and found it to be helpful and had a great selection of lesbian movies, which is all I watch anyway. I got my brother into PPM just last week and he is hooked. - Brad, Northridge
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You guys are fucking sickos...but I like it : ) - SuckMyNuts, CA. is the best site I could find for pay per minute viewing. Their rates are very low and I have been looking for a while now. I first bought the $30 package which got me plenty minutes of pure fun for me and my wife. We have since then been back for more action. I am a customer for life. Hope you publish this review so other can read it. - Danny & Beth, New York
It's difficult to improve a near perfect site. I have always wondered why sites didn't indicate the movies Ihad watched somehow so when I am searching, I didn't have to go to my history to see the movies I had already watched, there was reference to that as I surfed. And I'll be damned if you guys didn't think of it first. Thank you for this added feature!
I liked your site the most. I found what I wanted and am able to play the streaming xxx whenever I wanted. The site is also impressive. Customer service is 1st rate too. Thanks for putting up this has been a great help. - Mitch, Keystone
Hey guys, liked your site much, very good resources for adult vod. AdultVideoonDemand is a winner in my book. It's hard to find a good streaming vod site with quality resolution but they have it - especially for my slow speed. Can't wait to get DSL. - M.D. Flippin
Good site, great streaming quality and easy purchasing. Thanks for your website information, it is a big help. - F. T.
One of the better PPM adult sites that I have visited. I have only been a member for just 3 weeks and have already bought several "minute" packages so far. I left another video on demand company for Hotmovies and am satisfied with their performance. - Gene, Idaho
Thumbs Up! - Porny Guy, Mountain Home
Personally, I think this site is top-notch entertainment.
Greetings sir, I really like your site and your helpful information regarding this new technology. I have always been watching adult movies on DirectTV - then switched to cable last year. When I found your site I immediately tried hotmovies and loved it. I now can view movies for less than what I was paying for the other services and I can watch what I want when I want. I figure I am saving about $20 - $25 per month the way I watch porn. I wish I found about about PPV earlier. I will let you guys know more my experience with after several months of far I recommend them. - Dave, B.C.
Just wanted to say that I am a satisfied member of your site. I joined about 6 weeks ago and have already paid about $50 in time. You really can't beat the pay per minute cost. I know because I surfed the internet and found a few offering adult PPV but at a higher cost. Plus the streaming time is a little faster and better quality than the others. I also want to say that I tried and was satisfied with that site, but like Hotmovies more. Thanks. - B.H. Las Vegas
Great content! I have been with (another site) for a long time but got frustrated by the lack of updates. I am glad to have stumbled upon Keep up the great work!
Highly Recommended to all my horny visitors! - PORNVOD.NET
An excellent PPM site...very well designed with the customer in mind! - Free Trial For
REVIEWS FOR: Adult Video On Demand Store
Hi guys , here is my feedback for the Adult Video On Demand Store. I like the easy navigation for this site, as I was able to find my specific category and also the brand fast. Good selection and lots of other neat stuff in their store. I will send my friend to your site. - C.J, Alabama
Very good selections of DVD titles and much to view. Never had a problem with finding my porn movie and customer service did respond to my e-mail ; ) when I had a question. That is rare. Their DVD rental is pretty cool, I did not know I could rent DVD's from home until I found your site. Very helpful info. - Alan
Hello, I am sending my review for I signed up just about one month ago and everything is going great so far. I like this service because I can always get new movies when I'm done and keep a fresh supply of DVD's coming to my home. This is much better than renting movies for $4.00 at the video store. Great site and service. - Tim, Seattle
Being an adult movie connoisseur, I have watched probably over 500 movies in my life. Unfortunately I paid for each one of those movies and have a wall full of adult VHS and DVD movies. I think the idea of paying a monthly fee to get videos mailed to your door is an excellent idea and could change the way people purchase and view adult movies. I did the math and someone could save more money by renting through the mail than going to the local smut store. No doubt this will change the adult DVD industry for good. I joined with about three months ago and I really dig this service. I will be upgrading to the $29.99 service soon. For that price I would only be getting about 7 movies from the store whereas I can about 25 - 30 DVD's from! I did try the PPV from too and found that to be neat. It is amazing how far the adult industry has gone. Viewing is better than it's ever been. Thanks for your outstanding site. - Brain, Denver
Whoo Hoo - J.P. Getzoff
Great site guys! - Marcus, Somewhere USA
Hi, I am writing to you for your review column. This is for the VOD Authority video on demand site. I got to try this one yesterday and found it to be a winner in my book. Awesome streaming and very many amateur, black, and teen movies to suit my taste. Customer service was very helpful and quick to respond. - F.P. Canada

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